Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum is the home of classic vehicles located in Limassol, where you can escape from your daily life and witness some of history’s best and most classic vehicles. Here you’ll not only find cars, but representations of history and the emotions they carry.

It was the 1st of February 2014 when Minister of Transport, Communications, and Works, the late Tasos Mitsopoulos inaugurated the 1000 m2 museum in Ypsonas. As time progressed, it became clear that more space was needed to provide homes to the most intriguing vehicles and events of all shapes and sizes. On the 1st of November 2015, Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum was moved to a 3500 square meter premises in Limassol – a place that harbours many eclectic collections and displays the last century’s history through fine mechanical craftmanship.What better way to highlight the cultural importance of the automobile industry? Take a walk through the halls of history with captivating displays of optimal mechanical growth and development. Each visitor will have their own unique experience through a timeline of mechanical and automotive history at the One and Only  Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum

Our collection features a variety of classic, vintage and limited edition vehicles from throughout the century, including the  first petrol driven car, a Benz Motorwagen 1886, to a 2004 collective Aston Martin Cygnet.

Founder Mr. Dimi Mavropoulos donated his personal collection of 90 historic, classic and collectable cars to launch the museum and since then has been adding to this collection cars with historic value from the whole worlds as well as many vehicles with great value for the Cypriot history.  As a veteran Rally Racing champion of international and Cypriot rally competitions, Mr. Mavropoulos puts his true passion and vehicle enthusiasm on display for all visitors to enjoy.

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