Backpacks (of any size), umbrellas, packages, bags, Nordic walking sticks and handbags over 30×35 cm. must be stored in the cloakroom. The Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum is not liable for loss or theft of personal effects. Lockers are available free of charge.


Taking photographs and making videos for your own personal use is permitted in all museum halls. You are allowed to use flash and a tripod.


The Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum would appreciate it if you would switch off your mobile telephone in the exhibition halls.

Food and Drinks

You are not allowed to bring food and drinks into the museum.



Smoking is prohibited in the museum.


Pets are not allowed in the museum, except for guide dogs. The Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum does not provide kennelling facilities.


Parking is at your own risk in the Museum car park. Parking elsewhere in the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum grounds is prohibited except the designated parking spaces for the disabled.


– Keep calm and follow the instructions of the museum staff.
– In case of a fire alarm, immediately leave the building via the designated escape routes.


– Parents and guardians of children are at all times responsible for the children under their charge. Running, playing and shouting is not allowed.
– Buggies, strollers and wheelchairs are permitted.
– Please do not touch the exhibits.
– Teachers and those in charge of groups may be held responsible for the persons under their charge.
– Instructions issued by museum employees must be observed at all times.