Let's see what you remember from your visit at the Cyprus Historic & Classic Motor Museum!

Level 1;

Children 5-10 years old;


Good luck answering the questions !!!

1. Which famous Formula 1 driver's helmet is displayed in the museum?

2.I am cute and pink. What car am I ?

3. How many Rolls Royce cars can you count?

4. What am I ?

5. I am made from cotton and raisin in the former West Germany. What am I ?

6.How many wheels does a Reliant Robin has?

7.In which English town I was putting fi res down before I retire in theMuseum ?

8.How many crawler Caterpillar tractors are there in our Agricultural Section?

9.My engine is powered by...

10.Whose famous Formula 1 driver's signature is on me?

11.What car am I ?

12.How many Mercedes are there on Mercedes Avenue?

13.Ford was the first...

14.Which Cyprus president was the armoured Cadillac made for?

15.Who is the TV character that was my driver?

16.I am the oldest car in the museum. Who designed me?

Thank you for taking time to take the quiz  Quiz No1: What you saw in Cyprus Motor Museum !